Delivery Time: 1 to 24hrs

Price: $ 169


This service is for Open menu Devices Only

Supported: iPhone in menu; iPhone 5 to 11 pro max; ios 11.x to ios 13.x
Not Support: Passcode/Disabled/Restored/Bypassed devices
Must Turn OFF WIFI/3G/4G/LTE
When tool reply success > check iCloud Status ON/OFF again > if status OFF > put phone in recovery/dfu mode and restore phone (never turn on wifi/3g/4g/lte)
1. Jailbreak 
2. Download Mina Removal 3.0 and install it
3. Open tool => Click Generate Removal Token => Copy token => upload token to web if your device done will show on tool and web will replied auto
- if your device not done will show on tool and web will rejected auto